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iPhone 12 Phone Case
2021-06-01 09:45:28
This is my 5th one!!!
Grant K.
iPhone11 Phone Case
2021-05-28 09:13:53
Love it you did an amazing job
Josh E.
iPhone 12 Phone Case
2021-05-27 10:02:09
Best iPhone case ever
Neo L.
iPhone XS Max Phone Case
2021-05-26 09:35:12
I love this case! The wood and resin looks great! And the case itself is one of the best I have ever used.
Jeson J.
iPhone 12 Pro Phone Case
2021-05-25 09:32:30
I LOVE my new phone case! It has a wonderful look and feel, and I'm so glad I finally bought one! Thank you!
Lisa S.
iPhone 11 Phone Case
2021-05-24 10:52:41
Amazing as usual.
Marcelo P.
iPhone 12ProMax Phone Case
2021-05-19 09:28:33
It's a perfect blend of what I love about your work, gorgeous wood and great color. Even the sales person at the store where I bought my new phone ordered one after he saw mine. Now I see you have introduced BLACK, I think I may have to order another case to switch to when I'm feeling like it. Keep up the great Work!!
jeff J.
iPhone 12 Phone Case
2021-05-18 10:07:08
This case looks SO much better in person. I am very pleased with what I received. I keep my phone turned upside down now so I can show it off more
Jess G.
iPhone X Phone Case
2021-05-14 09:53:49
Love the case.Unfortunately the case doesnt protect my phone too well. I'll just use it for special occasions.
Jake S.
iPhone 12 ProMax Phone Case
2021-05-14 09:50:41
I LOVE this case. It's so beautiful it's ridiculous. I was actually planning on buying one for my fiance when he updates his phone. Also let's be real, I dropped my phone within 4 hours of putting the case on and it wasn't an easy drop- but EVERYTHING IS FINE. Even when it slid off a machine at work it was still great!
MacKenzie L.
iPhone XS Phone Case
2021-05-14 09:41:50
Well done. From the frame of the case to the burl/epoxy, very well done. Beautiful. From one woodworker (hobbyist) to another, thank you!!
Niccolas T.
iPhone XR Phone Case
2021-05-13 08:59:35
Very unique with beautiful bright colors. The pictures definitely do not do this case justice. Was on the fence about whether to buy one of these but am not disappointed in the slightest.
iPhone 12 ProMax Phone Case
2021-05-12 09:14:03
I absolutely love this phone case! Seriously everyone asks where I got it! Looks awesome and isn’t bulky! The two thinks I look for in a case! Definitely will be the only cases I buy from now on!!
Kenneth M.
iPhone 11 Pro Phone Case
2021-05-12 09:08:31
I have watched these cases for a long time and just never thought they would be durable enough. But was I wrong. It’s fantastic durable and sturdy as can be. I’m hooked and will never but any other case. A customer for life!!!
Karie S.
iPhone 12mini Phone Case
2021-05-11 10:18:14
nice! It was as if the only land in the middle was half submerged.
Michael He.
iPhone XS Phone Case
2021-05-10 09:27:42
The Planetscase cover is not only really unique but also fits the phone extremely well, allowing for full and easy use of the buttons and camera. It is obvious beautiful and a really good value.
Edward H.
iPhone 12 ProMax Phone Case
2021-05-08 09:30:37
What does it look like? I'd like it to be darker. This green looks too light.
anais a.
test SKU iphone12-red
2021-05-08 09:25:43
Wow, I can’t begin to explain my gratitude towards this Phone case. I grew up in a wood-shop on the Oregon Coast and always wanted to do something like this when I first got an iPhone 4 but I never had the confidence and the right tools in the shop. This is so Special And Spectacular!!! Thanks for Everything. My iPhone 12 Finally got here on time and IT IS Perfect.
william c.
iPhone 12 Phone Case
2021-05-08 09:17:16
My daughter picked out my case. I was okay with it, but once it got here, I was blown away. It's an awesome case and I'm getting lots of compliments on it. Feels nice in my hand also. Great job!
Adam H.
iPhone 12 ProMax Phone Case
2021-05-07 09:50:17
I've been following this color for a long time. I love this color. The blue is mixed with a little bit of purple. But my credit card limit is short this month.
iPhone XS Phone Case
2021-05-07 09:35:57
Maybe it is because I am strict with product details. The thin sheet on the back of the phone case is obviously 0.2mm higher, but the flannelcloth material measured inside the phone case is still very good to protect the back of the phone from being scratched by sand. The phone case in general is not thick enough because I keep dropping my phone.
Kevin Y.
iPhone 11 Pro Phone Case
2021-05-07 09:08:17
My last Planets phone case was the NYC Skyline which I totally loved and it always reminded me of my time living in NYC. But it was time to get a new phone and with that I said 'good bye' to the Big Apple and bought this super cool resin case. My iPhone is slate blue and the blue resin matches the color perfectly! I'm completely happy with my purchase!!!
Cheryl M.
iPhone X Phone Case
2021-05-06 10:03:28
I love this case! The wood and resin looks great! And the case itself is one of the best I have ever used.
Jim S.
iPhone 12 Pro Phone Case
2021-04-28 10:01:44
This phone case is simple and sleek, I am so happy with how it looks in person. It also feels great and is super light weight. I will definitely be buying some as gifts!
iPhone12ProMax Phone Case
2021-03-04 09:01:08
"nice!I very like it".-This is my first test review,Hope to bring you better Planetscase .- I am Leon .