Answering Question

Is what I bought is the same as in the photo?

Since each slice pattern and wood grain are different, we can only promise that it is similar to the photo. This is also a unique secret.

Is the resin toxic?

Epoxy resin is widely used in home, floor and DIY crafts. It is non-toxic after curing and can be used safely.

Can it be customized according to your own intention?

We can only use a certain combination of colors to produce natural patterns through resin curing reaction, but we can not completely control the shape of patterns, that is, the beauty of nature.

Will it hit the shell?

No, all patterns are created freely. Every product is unique.

How to protect the case?

We will be modified by the tumor, the finished product has been soaked in water and exposed to the sun, wrestling and other tests. Can maintain very good deformation and fall resistance. If you don't use the case, keep it in a cool and dry place, avoiding humidity and exposure to the sun. In case of deformation, it will return to normal the next day.

Is PlanetsCase waterproof?

We cut the burr material and soaked it in a thermosetting acrylic solution and baked the burr for several hours. It can improve the deformation resistance and corrosion resistance of wood to a certain extent, thus improving the waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Contact with a small amount of water for normal daily use will not cause damage to the phone case, but it is not recommended to soak the phone case in water for a long time.