Wood Burls

maple burls
A stump is a rough and deformed growth on a tree. They are often described as"tumors" on trees. They may grow underground as nodules at the bottom of the tree, or on the mid air trunk of the tree. We see these deformities, and we see incredible value in them. Working with every piece of work every day is like opening a birthday present!

Wikipedia: tree tumors are caused by some form of oppression. It may be caused by injury, virus or fungus. Most of the tree tumors grow underground and attach to the roots. This is a malignant tumor that is usually not found until the tree dies or falls. The burr sometimes appears as a group of spherical protrusions connected by cordate roots. Almost all the gnarled wood is covered with bark, even underground. Pests and some types of mold infection are the most common causes of this condition.